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Webinar: How to Solve the Content Discovery Problem

Webinar Brandon Hall Group

Webinar: How to Solve the Content Discovery Problem

We’re living in a paradoxical time. We are simultaneously drowning in content and starving for relevant knowledge that can improve performance.
Information overload accounts for 28B hours of wasted hours a year. That equates to almost $1T lost in productivity in the US economy alone, per Jonathan Spira, author of Overload! How too Much Information is Hazardous to Your Organization.
There is a massive amount of brilliant content living within learning management systems, company intranets, document management systems, third party courses, and the untold number of great resources available on the web. But it’s not curated, it’s not contextual, and it can be overwhelming.
Learning & Development leaders are under pressure to provide value and results, but remain at a loss for a single solution to act as a “Netflix of learning”. David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, will host the webinar on solving the content discovery problem with EdCast. This webinar will examine how leading organizations address this problem and how that relates to the future of corporate learning management.
Discussion topics include:

  • The current content landscape
  • Curation strategies – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Make your L&D effort more efficient
  • Examples of how companies are getting it done

Date: March 9, 2017 at 10a PT / 1p ET

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